COVID-19 Updates: Governor Issues Executive Order Pertaining to Home Care and Other Health Providers, and More
Tonight, Governor Cuomo announced Executive Order 202.5 which suspends and modifies regulations and laws related to home care services, among others. It follows two previous Executive Orders that included other regulatory changes, as summarized on HCA’s COVID-19 resource page. It also follows yet another guidance issued by the state Department of Health earlier today specifically for home and community-based providers.

We note the following relevant provisions for all HCA provider and managed long term care members in tonight’s Executive Order:
  • To the extent necessary to permit certified home health agencies, long term home health care programs, AIDS home care programs, and licensed home care services agencies serving individuals affected by the disaster emergency to conduct in-home supervision of home health aides and personal care aides as soon as practicable after the initial service visit, or to permit in-person and in-home supervision to be conducted through indirect means, including by telephone or video communication;
  • To the extent necessary to permit initial patient visits for certified home health agencies, long term home health care programs and AIDS home care programs serving individuals affected by the disaster emergency to be made within 48 hours of receipt and acceptance of a community referral or return home from institutional placement;
  • To extend the time in which home care services entities must submit information to the Home Care Worker Registry;
  • To the extent necessary to allow or require appearance by any parties to a fair hearing by written, telephonic, video or other electronic means.

Other updates

HCA is in constant communication with the Department of Health, as well as other state and federal authorities, during this health care crisis.

Just today, HCA issued a memo to state health officials sharing the results of a provider survey on the impact of COVID-19. These findings, also summarized in a statement to the media yesterday (reported by Crain’s Health Pulse and Home Health Care News), support HCA’s requests, at both the state and federal levels, for: 1) priority access to necessary supplies; 2) further regulatory streamlining; and 3) immediate financial assistance for supplies, workforce and operational cost impacts.

Meanwhile, the state Legislature has passed paid family sick leave provisions. Also, negotiations continue over a planned state budget agreement this week, coinciding with a previously scheduled meeting of the Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) tomorrow.

The U.S. Senate has also passed a coronavirus relief bill, which previously passed the U.S. House of Representatives, containing $6.7 billion in federal assistance to New York.

HCA will be hosting a call tomorrow at 10 a.m. to review the latest COVID-19 guidance, these developments, and more.

Please continue to reach out to HCA’s Public Policy staff with any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19. Please also consult the COVID-19 resource page on HCA’s home care emergency preparedness website for the latest information.

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