COVID-19 Update: HCA Survey Results and PR, DOH Webcast for Providers Tomorrow, New MCO and LTC Guidance

In a press release this morning, HCA circulated the findings of our second survey showing the impact of COVID-19 on home and community-based providers and services, again reiterating our call for priority access to supplies, Medicare telehealth flexibilities and reimbursement, and other issues.

Please see the press release here and share it with your public relations, government relations, and/or public affairs teams.

The survey findings were reported already by Home Health Care News yesterday evening (see here). HCA continues to field media inquiries. Our initial survey in mid-March has been cited widely in news reports in New York and nationally.

HCA thanks the nearly 200 home and community-based providers who completed this second survey at a time when you are otherwise consumed by the health emergency. Your answers have provided critical information on: the number of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases among home care staff and patients; what agencies are doing to cope with equipment shortages; percentage changes in patient counts due to COVID-19; the numbers (in ranges) of patients refusing care for fear of exposure; what agencies are doing in cases where patients are refusing care; projected financial impacts for the foreseeable future; and more.

New York State Department of Health (DOH) Call for Providers Tomorrow

The state Department of Health (DOH) has announced a COVID-19 webcast for all providers tomorrow, April 9, from 1 to 2 p.m. For audio only, please dial in at: 844-512-2950.

In its announcement, DOH indicates that “to accommodate the large number of participants, our webinar will be streaming via YouTube Live” and provides the following link:

New Guidance Documents for Managed Care, Community-Based Care

DOH has also updated its previous guidance, originally issued on March 18, for Authorization of Community Based Long-Term Services and Supports Covered by Medicaid (“COVID-19 LTSS Guidance”). The new guidance (see here) is dated April 8. It addresses: physician orders, the initial community health assessment, community health reassessments, annual health assessments for personal assistants, and other information.

DOH has also issued a new COVID-19 Guidance for Managed Care Organization Contracting and Surveillance Relief for Managed Long Term Care Plans, Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and other MCOs (see here). It notes that plans are increasing access to telehealth and telephonic modalities through their provider and management contracts, describing some changes to the contract review and approval process as well as changes to surveillance and oversight activities.

For the latest updates and resources, please visit our home care emergency preparedness website at

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