Report: 1 In 5 Older Adults Faced An Emergency This Year and Many Were Underprepared

Newly reported survey results by the University of Michigan find that 1 in 5 older adults experienced a serious emergency event in the past year, and many were underprepared.

Half of the 2,200 respondents weren’t aware that their community had an emergency alert system. Fewer than one-third had an emergency kit assembled with essential supplies and medicines. And, most alarmingly, three in four older adults who rely on electricity-powered equipment did not have an alternative power source.

An unknown fraction of these individuals are home care patients aided by the kinds of safety oversight standards that exist for community-based providers, especially under New York State regulations. Yet the data nevertheless illustrates many of the critical preparedness gaps that home care is uniquely equipped to overcome in the community. The data also illustrates why it is so important for home care agencies to seriously examine all levels of your preparedness planning, for the safety of all patients, and in anticipation of all hazards.

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