COVID-19 Updates: Vaccine Eligibility Now Open for Underlying Conditions, Changes in Quarantine for Vaccinated Individuals 

As of February 14, state-run vaccination sites are now open to New Yorkers with comorbidities and underlying conditions.

The state’s ‘Am I Eligible’ screening has been updated for individuals with comorbidities and underlying conditions, with new appointments released on a rolling basis starting today and over the next weeks.

Starting this week, local health departments will also receive vaccine allocations for these individuals. People can use the following to show they are eligible:

  • Doctor’s letter
  • Medical information evidencing comorbidity, or
  • Signed certification

Among the conditions listed by the Governor’s office are: cancer, chronic kidney disease, pulmonary disease, intellectual and developmental disabilities, heart conditions, immunocompromised state, severe obesity, pregnancy, sickle cell disease or Thalassemia, type 1 or 2 diabetes mellitus, cerebrovascular disease, neurologic conditions and liver disease. A complete list is available here.

Changes in Quarantine Guidelines for Vaccinated Individuals 
New York State officials announced the state will follow updated federal quarantine guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals.

Last week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that individuals who have received both vaccine doses, and at least two weeks have passed since the second dose, are no longer required to quarantine if they are exposed to someone who is infected with the virus.

New York is updating its guidance to follow the CDC. All New Yorkers, including those who have been fully vaccinated, should continue to wear masks and social distance.

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