Home Care Emergency Preparedness Handbook

This handbook explains the regulations governing home care emergency preparedness, best practices and planning resources.

Patient and Family Preparedness Toolkit

This publication, created by the Home Care Association of New York State and the New York State Association of Health Care Providers, offers resources to help home care agencies prepare patients for their household preparedness needs.

Primer on Home Care & Hospice Emergency Preparedness in New York State

This primer was developed to help promote fuller understanding about home care, home care emergency preparedness, major changes in the health system and other important resource information for community partners and others involved in the local emergency management process.

Home Care Provides Lifeline for Patients in Hurricane Sandy’s Wake

Home care agencies, nurses, therapists and home health aides played a vital role in response to Hurricane Sandy, reaching vulnerable patients in need of services, supplies or assistance with evacuation. Here are some of their stories, as reported by national and local media.

Home Care Emergency Response: Hurricane Sandy Lessons Learned and Actions Taken

The Home Care Association of New York State's Communications Director describes the efforts of home care providers during Hurricane Sandy in an article for Caring Magazine, a publication of the National Association for Home Care and Hospice.

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